Cherhill White Horse

A spectacular 6 mile circular stroll from the Small Grain picnic park. Follow a section of the Wessex Ridgeway alongside the car park up the hill skirting Morgans Hill. Views over downland landforms to the north, bronze age burial sites on the right as the valley opens up before you.  The route heads up towards a crumbling obelisk: the Cherhill or Lansdowne Monument. The monument commemorates Civil War survivor and political strategist, Sir William Petty, an ancestor of the first Marquis of Lansdowne. Walking through earthworks of the huge iron age hill fort, Oldbury Castle, the Cherhill White horse is revealed below. The soundpark is centred on this area. The route returns over chalk eroded smooth by the wash of melting glaciers; follow the track to Calstone parish church. Wonderful accoustics under a barrel roof. A final short stiff climb brings you back to Morgans Hill. A short walk back along the Wessex Ridgeway returns you to Small Grain.

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The horse overlooks the A4 from a magnificent chalk down bowl. The Cherhill White Horse is said to have once acquired a glass eye made of bottles, not an original feature and now the horses eye is a sarsen stone. The horse was recalled by one of those involved as dating from 1783-4, having been cut by a group of ‘gentlemen of Calne’ in probability to have been seen from Bowood. 

A detailed OS mapped downloadable Viewranger map is available here: Cherhill loop

Below you can view some of the short films inspired by the Cherhill White Horse and the journey to it, created for the Freedom on My Doorstep installation. The images at the bottom of the page were taken at or near the Cherhill White Horse from the project Flickr feed. The Flickr group is still live you can view it directly here  Walking Wiltshires White Horses.     Visitors to Wiltshires White Horses are invited to contribute images to this group

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