100 Mile Walk

8 white horses, 5 days, more than 4000 years of human history!

Three months of creative and outdoors activity culminated in a five day 100 mile walk through the Wiltshire landscape, going to each white horse and finishing at the Devizes Street Arts Festival. A heady mix of carnival, walking and social media.

‘The process of discovering and then walking The White Horse trail last year, was literally the beginning of my escape to freedom, I’m inspired to make a new form of work from the experience’ Ali Pretty

This is the Viewranger map of the actual track recorded on the walk, showing much of the social media posted to the global community following the project and seen live as it was posted at the installation in Devizes. Be patient while it loads, there is a lot of content to come in! This is an interactive map, view the tweets and flickr posting by clicking on them and using the back button to get back to the map.  Zoom in using the scroll function with the cursor on the map...careful you don't do that by accident!

The programme launched at Wiltshire Museum with 8 creative short walks to each of the white horses, participants were invited to document their journeys gathering sounds and images along the way. Silk ‘escape maps’ created by Ali were used as stimulus points for these walks. Richard invited sonic artists to contribute sounds for the project and received files from near and far. Together they created the immersive installation, Freedom on My Doorstep, inspired by the walks. The project culminated in the public 100 mile walk around the White Horses generating an online story told live with links back to the installation.  At each white horse a flag was presented to the walkers, designed by members of the community and created at a workshop with Ali. Each flag presentation inaugurated a sound park created by Richard using sounds mixed and sourced through social media. All along the way, from the creative walks to the long walk, supporters and walkers were encouraged to contribute images to the flickr pool. This slide draws from that pool.

You can also view the full group pool here