Sound Parks

Visit a White Horse and listen to the app, enjoy a unique audio experience: recorded sound mixed with the live sounds of your visit.

In addition to gathering digital content himself Richard White made extensive use of social media to gather in contributions from those who joined the creative walks programme in June and beyond. The appeal for audio contributions went worldwide and the installation made use of work contributed by musicians and composers from as far as Uzbekistan and South America. Some musicians used the field recording made by Richard and the creative team as starting points for contributions responding to a specific theme.

At each White Horse, Richard used geotagging to locate the sounds as a sound park, on the 100 mile walk these sounds provided the backdrop to the flag presentation. If you download the app you can visit the White Horses and in the area immediately around the horse you will discover these sounds plus some short informational voice pieces. You will also find the questions asked of the walkers on the creative walks and you may choose to contribute to the project yourself by twitter or by contributing to the flickr stream.

The app is in development: you can download and test it using the AppFurnace player. Creative Wiltshire welcomes your feedback.

The app was created by the Creative Wiltshire team. Aneta Gorka and Adam Jansch