People have walked these paths for generations and many will follow.  As you walk listen for their footsteps and leave your own memory trail. You will be joining a conversation on landscape, place and people that has been running since our ancestors first walked these hills. As our Long Walk fades into memory we invite you to use the new connectivity to contribute: to share thoughts and experiences, sounds and images. On these walks and after we hope you will enjoy a form of creative sharing using the latest and most ancient technologies.

At each white horse the walkers were encouraged to reflect on these key questions.

1. The Westbury

Where are you going? Who and what are you leaving behind? Why are you walking? What’s stopping you? How are you feeling?

2. Locks, Devizes

What doors are opening? What is revealed ahead of you? Can you read the signs? Can you climb the hills? Who do you meet along the way?

3. The Meeting Cherhill

What’s on the horizon? Are you making a connection? Are you part of a team? Have you discovered anything new? Is there a familiarity in the landscape?

4.  Avenue of Broadtown

Can you hear the song? Can you see the colours? Can you feel the earth? Can you smell the air? Can you imagine your dream?

5. Navigating the Hackpen

What happens when you get lost? Who are your family? What protects you against the cold wet wind? Where do you feel safe? How do you get back on track?

6. Moment of Marlborough and thinking about Martinsell

What’s your favorite place? Remember a moment of happiness. Who were you with? What were you doing? What did you hear?

7. Beneath my Pewsey

Look down, what do you see? How many things are beneath your feet? How long have they been there? How long have you been here? What will be there after you have gone?

8. Freedom on My Alton Barnes

Is the door is open? Are your feet on the ground? Are you ready to run? Can you feel the breeze? Can you reach for the sky?

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Sharing Sounds

Sign up for SoundCloud, follow Creative Wiltshire and join the Walking Wiltshires White Horses group and share your sounds! If you are using a smart phone or iPad you can record sounds and post them straight away. We are hoping for short recordings of atmosphere or your thoughts/memories/conversations as you are walking. As well as voice based material, feel free to post loops or create and post soundscapes when you return from your walk.

As with flickr, please use a Creative Commons licence and the tags: #walkwiltshire and #wwwh2